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KAMB Import – Export

KAMB Import-Export is non-ferrous metals trading company, located in Poland’s capitol – Warszawa. We have individual approach to every inquiry, no matter, big or small and, in principle, every delivery is effected to order. We serve both big industrial transactions and laboratory quantities purchases from R&D units.

  • We trade: Primary Metals, Minor Metals, Rare Earth Metals, Precious Metals and their alloys
  • We are particularly active in Metal Powders and Metal Alloy Powders micron / nano, different purity and shape, also for 3D Printing
  • We supply natural and synthetic graphite, graphite parts, graphite foil, graphite spray, colloidal graphite, boron nitride and molybdenum sprays
  • We also supply metal carbides, oxides, nitrides, borides, cermet materials and products
  • We serve diamond tools manufacturers by delivering them natural diamond stones, natural and synthetic diamond powders and CBN powders, natural diamond stones and synthetic single crystal diamonds, PCD and PCBN blanks and also metal powders for metal bonds, Dialok 939P/940P (a specially formulated phenol-aralkyl resin), steel blades for gang saw blades, welding (brazing) materials, anti-adhesive materials, etc.
  • And many more…

KAMB Import-Export – is an official representative of world-wide known industrial diamonds supplier:
E.I.D. LTD (London, England)
KAMB Import-Export – is an official representative of outstanding graphite products manufacturer:
Atal srl (Italy)

Our history

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In 1991 Dr Krzysztof Wcisly founded KAMB Import-Export – a family company specialized in non-ferrous worldwide trading. In the next few years company’s scope of activity reached range described above. In 2019 began its life a new KAMB Import-Export company, belonging to Bartlomiej Wcisly, a son of Krzysztof Wcisly. Earlier, Bartlomiej was working in his father’s company for many years. During several months these companies were continuing their activity separately, but cooperating together. In 2021 the new KAMB Import-Export company took over both companies’ past activities. In this way business family traditions were handed down from one generation to another.

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