Devices for glaze & terracotta cutting

KAMB Import-Export acts as export agent of WALMER Company, the manufacturer of sensational devices for glaze and terracotta cutting.

  • Simple, durable, irreplaceable
  • Outstanding increase of productivity
  • Significant economy of used materials (glaze & terracotta)
  • No external service required

This is a family of hand tools for very fast and easy tile cutting and breaking at different angles, also diagonally. Cutting length up to: 500 / 600 / 800 / 1000 and even1280 mm.

Tools are designed for covering floors with terracotta tiles and laying glaze tiles in:

  • boutiques, groceries, shopping centers,
  • restaurants, coffee houses, bars,
  • playhouses, cinemas, galleries, museums,
  • offices, general public buildings,
  • chemists’, hospitals, doctor’s / dentist’s surgeries,
  • housings, garages,
  • schools, universities, kindergartens,
  • sport facilities, stadiums,
  • social facilities in industrial plants and military installations,
  • everywhere….

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The family of glaze and terracotta cutting devices comprises:

  • Cheap, easy to use devices intended for household repairs carried out by individuals, for sale in shopping centers;
  • Devices for professionals specialized in renovations;
  • The most advanced devices created for demanding applications, like new buildings, complexes, facilities, plants constructions;
  • Spare parts – replaceable cutting knifes and cutting wheels

These hand tools for very fast and easy tile cutting are best sellers in distributing companies and supermarkets offering building materials and tools
KAMB Import-Export exports these revolutionary tools in wholesale quantities all over the world.
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See: Product Catalogue