Dialok 939P / 940P

Since late nineteens of 20th century KAMB Import-Export supplies DIALOK 939P / 940P, a phenol-ararkyl resin – an outstanding high temperature binder for diamond and CBN grinding wheels manufacturing.

DIALOK 939P / 940P resin offers the important advantage of giving more heat resistant bonds than phenolic resins while curing by the same mechanism and under essentially the same processing conditions. This has consequently given diamond wheel manufacturers the opportunity to upgrade the quality of their wheels by changing from phenolic to DIALOK 939P binder without having to acquire new moulding presses and post-curing ovens. These important benefits have led to DIALOK 939P / 940P becoming established on a worldwide scale as a binder for the manufacture of diamond and cubic boron nitride wheels for both dry and wet grinding applications.

It is recommended in particular for wheels used for:

  • Tool and cutter grinding of hardened steels or tungsten carbide
  • Fast polishing of granite, marble and other decorative stones
  • Bevelling and edging decorative glass
  • Grinding of new advanced engineering ceramics

Dialok 939P / 940P gives a much higher resistance than the phenolic resins while still curing by the same mechanism. In many instances, the Dialok 939P / 940P  gives more than a 100% improvement in grinding ratio over phenolic resin bonded wheels when performing the same work.

Dialok 939P / 940P is characterized by: 

  • Available as a fine powder
  • Fast curing at temperatures above 100°C
  • Readily processed on the same equipment as phenolic resins
  • Adequately post-cured at 175°C for many applications
  • Outstanding heat resistance when cured
  • Gives wheels with cool cutting properties and superior workpiece surface finish
  • Compatible and co-reacts with the phenolic resins in hub moulding compounds

Dialok 939P / 940P resin can be supplied in 5 kg net and in 25 kg net containers.

KAMB Import-Export also supplies other resin and moulding products, like AR910 – thermosetting liquid adhesive for high heat resistant bonding of cutting rims to wheel hubs and discs and different moulding compounds.