Materials & components

KAMB Import-Export supplies all possible metal powders and metal alloy powders used for diamond tools manufacturing and cemented carbide tools production:

  • Bronze powders
  • Copper powders
  • Cobalt powders (extra fine, fine, 400 mesh)
  • Iron / Carbonyl Iron powders
  • Nickel powders
  • Tungsten powders
  • Tin powders
  • Tellurium powders
  • Silver powders
  • Manganese powder
  • Ceramic powders
  • Cemented carbide powders
  • Other, according to request

Metal powders and metal alloy powders are usually designed specifically for diamond tools manufacturing. We also supply ready-for-use sintering powders (mixtures). Most powders we purchase directly from their manufacturers.

We supply Granulated Cobalt Powder, which is manufactured with pure cobalt powder, Co 99,95 % min. mixed with about 2 % – 5 % granulating agent.

KAMB Import-Export delivers inorganic pigments – high quality chemical compounds in form of powders, (iron oxides, for example). Due to their expressive colors and extreme thermic resistance inorganic pigments powders serve as diamond tools colorants increasing tools’ attraction and draw customers’ attention.

KAMB Import-Export also supplies other materials and semi products for production of diamond tools: steel blades for gang saw blades, welding materials, insulating materials, binders, aluminum frames for diamond segments manufacturing etc.

KAMB Import-Export is a representative of Atal s.r.l. in many countries and its exclusive agent in Poland. Atal s.r.l. is a leading Italian manufacturer of graphite products. For more details, see: Graphite

Among others KAMB Import-Export delivers electrodes and complete graphite moulds, made by Atal s.r.l., for all kinds of diamond segments manufacturing for circular and saw blades.

We also supply the highest quality graphite elements for cutting wires – graphite trays for oven sintering of beads and graphite electrodes.

All parts and elements are produced according to customer’s drawing, with a standard tolerance of +/- 0,02 mm.

During metal bond diamond segments manufacturing – in high temperature and under high pressure – separating and protective materials can extend life time of graphite moulds. KAMB Import-Export supplies such materials, as colloidal graphite in water solution, graphite spray, molybdenum spray, boron nitride spray.

We also supply diverse insulating materials